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Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S
Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S
Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S
Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S
Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S
Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S

Watering pottery to bury with cap (Ollas) size S

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Handmade on a pottery wheel

Size : H14 D8 cm
Holds around : 0.5 l

Choose tradition and efficacy with our ollas
the perfect solution to nourish your plants deeply
while maintaining the natural balance of your green space.


Introducing the ollas, an ancient buried watering pottery—a gardener's time-honored secret for efficient and natural irrigation. Handcrafted from premium clay, this ollas is meticulously designed to provide balanced hydration to plants by slowly releasing water directly to their roots. Its porous design regulates water flow, preserving soil integrity and minimizing evaporation losses.

This eco-friendly pottery fosters healthy plant growth by mimicking natural hydration processes, thereby reducing water consumption. Easy to install and maintain, the ollas seamlessly blend into any garden setting, whether it's a vegetable patch or a patio, offering a sustainable solution for effective and environmentally-conscious watering.

Ollas offer several significant advantages for plant watering:

Save Water

Ollas enable efficient irrigation by delivering water directly to plant roots, reducing evaporation losses and excessive water usage.

Retain Soil Moisture

By slowly releasing water, ollas maintain a consistent soil moisture level, fostering healthy plant growth.

Reduce Weed Growth

By irrigating only plant roots, ollas limit weed growth by depriving them of the water they need to thrive.

Enhance Plant Health

By mimicking the natural hydration process, ollas encourage strong and deep root systems, contributing to overall plant health.

Eco-friendly Choice

Made from clay or natural materials, ollas offer an environmentally friendly irrigation solution without using electricity or chemical components.

In summary, ollas provide an effective, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly method for plant irrigation, promoting healthy growth and reducing water consumption.

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