Delivery information

Delivery by Colissimo

Orders under 20 kg are sent by Colissimo at the current rate depending on the weight of the package.

Delivery by carrier

The minimum weight of an order sent by carrier cannot be less than 20kg.

The products shipped are packaged on pallets.

Delivery rates to Metropolitan France off Corsica

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • Up to 100 kg : 19 euros
  • 100 to 200 kg : 29 euros
  • 200 to 300 kg : 39 euros
  • 300 to 400 kg : 59 euros
  • More than 400 kg : 89 euros

Delivery rates to bordering European countries (Corsica, Monaco, Andorra, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland*, Holy Seat)

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • Up to 100 kg : 44 euros
  • 100 to 200 kg : 59 euros
  • 200 to 300 kg : 79 euros
  • 300 to 400 kg : 99 euros
  • More than 300 kg : 139 euros

*For Switzerland, there will be a tax charge of € 120 for each order in addition to postage.

Order processing and delivery times

The Poterie de la Madeleine will process your order as soon as we receive it. This enables us to send you a delivery date with your order confirmation.

Depending on the availability of your vase, this could take from 1 to 8 weeks.

The manufacturing of certain vases (moulding, throwing, drying, glazing, firing, decoration) can take up to 6 weeks before they can be processed for delivery.


The vases are boxed, wrapped in cellophane and fixed to pallets before being sent for transportation.

Delivery - Transport

The Poterie de la Madeleine assures delivery to France and surrounding countries (Andorra, Spain, Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Holland, Belgium). The delivery rate to other destinations will be calculated on a case by case basis by the Poterie de la Madeleine. All information given to the Poterie de la Madeleine at the time of ordering is contractual. Your order will be delivered to the address given on the order form, if accessible. If the address given reveals to be inaccessible by the transporter, you will be liable to an additional second delivery charge. In the case of error or an incomplete address the Poterie de la Madeleine cannot be held responsible for any delay in the delivery time stated on the order confirmation.

Your order, packed and pallet mounted, is delivered to the ground floor level at the entrance to your house or apartment. Considering the volume and weight of the order, it is advisable to have help for the unpacking. The transporter is not authorized to unpack and/or install your order. Any specific delivery conditions (Level other than ground floor, mountainous terrain, restricted access, pedestrian street, mobile crane...) are liable to surcharge. 

Deliveries are from Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

The transporter is not obligated to give an exact time of delivery. Delivery is calculated from the moment your order is handed to the transporter.

The delivery receipt given by the transporter, dated and signed by the client, constitutes proof of delivery.

Verification of your order at time of delivery

At delivery it is the your responsibility to check  the contents, the conformity and the condition of the products delivered. The Poterie de la Madeleine is not liable for any delay, damage, total or partial loss, or any other problem of delivery. Any legal recourse should be taken solely against the transporter. The Poterie de la Madeleine strongly recommends our customers to:

Take the time in the transporter's presence to verify the merchandise delivered.

  • Completely unpack the delivery, especially if it seems damaged or if you notice that it has bee re-taped or if, on shaking the package, the contents sound broken.

In order for our insurance to handle any damage claims, you are legally required to mention on the transporter's delivery receipt (paper or digital) the following: Damaged or broken merchandise.

In the case of theft, you are legally obliged to mention on the transporter's delivery receipt (paper or digital) the following: Package opened, merchandise missing

Non-specific mentions, such as "subject to unpacking" or « box in good condition, merchandise broken » have no legal standing. The  Poterie de la Madeleine will not deal with any transport damage claims bearing such mentions. 

Do not let yourself be influenced by a transporter double parked, or in a hurry. If you sign the delivery receipt without checking the merchandise, you have legally accepted the delivery, in whatever state it's delivered in. Once the receipt has been signed, and the transporter has left, it's too late. 

If there's a problem, refuse the merchandise!

In the case of breakages or any other problem, any legal recourse by the client should be taken solely against the transporter, and not against the Poterie de la Madeleine.

If you notice any such problems, you should refuse the delivery of the merchandise and/or mention them clearly (see above) in writing on the delivery receipt, as well as the delivery date and time.  Any remarks should be signaled to the transporter by registered post within 3 working days from the date of delivery. A copy of which should also be sent to the Poterie de la Madeleine.

Customer absence

If you are absent at time of delivery, the transporter will leave you a delivery notice at the address given. It is your responsibility to contact the transporter to arrange another delivery date. In the case of non-recovery in the deadline given by the transporter, your order will be returned to the Poterie de la Madeleine who reserve the right of non-reimbursement of payment of the merchandise, you will also be held accountable for any extra delivery charges.

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